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TDM tissue paper machine development four strategies

Date:2016-07-08 22:23 Author:leo Source:未知 Click: Font:BMS

Chinese paper machine industry is entering a period of balance development. With the industry trend become obvious, we should act positively, face the challenge with four stratefies.
1, Top quality strategy.
High end tissue paper making machine leads the market needs. It is important to get market reputation and catch up international industry development.
2, Value/Price strategy.
Maximum the operation efficiency and lower the cost. For our customers, we should provide most competitive price under the premise of good quality. The most important aspect is to reduce operation cost. By improving management system and design, we can lower total cost and meanwhile, remain good machine quality.
3, Cooperation strategy.
It is now not possible to occupy the market with only one corporation. Cooperation with others is necessary. We should optimize every partner’s advantage, use the best machine to form a tissue jumbo production line for sale.
4, International market strategy.
International market is growing while Chinese market is becoming saturated. Exporting will become more and more important for Chinese enterprise. TDM has been doing well in the past years as leading tissue paper jumbo making machine supplier and service provider. We will stay leading position in the future.

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