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Tissue paper machine in China, Sichuan

Date:2016-06-30 14:52 Author:TDM Source:Marketing Click: Font:BMS

tissue paper machine

Recently, Luzhou City, Sichuan Hejiang car rim town and Al Paper Co., Ltd. signed a contract this year another investment enterprises settled in the town car rims.
Car rim town rich in bamboo resources, close to Chishui paper mills, and convenient transportation. With these advantages, will focus on bringing the car rim town Guiyang rain arrogance Paper and other companies, based on Jiangxian Hengrui Paper Co., Ltd., Sichuan re-established Al Paper Co., Ltd., engaged in tissue paper and high-end paper products.
Sichuan Al Paper The new company will introduce advanced management models, substantially improve refurbishment workshop, warehouse, comprehensive update production equipment, and strengthen the building of enterprise culture and strive to create a company elegant environment, scientific management, excellent quality, the strength of brands.
According to the company's plan, will invest 8,000 million new high speed 4 sets of production equipment, the annual output will reach 400 million tons, annual output value of 400 billion yuan.
Currently the company has started preliminary work is expected to the first set of equipment will be installed and put into production in October.

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