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Towel paper machine has been finished for Mexico

Date:2015-01-09 14:00 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

Features of towel paper making machine

  • Towel paper making machine has single yankee type and double yankee type.
  • It adopts advanced structure.
  • The raw material is top steel plate and treated with sand spray to enhance anti-vibration and stablility.
  • The net box technology is from Japan. It adopts conical multi-pipe pulp inlet, wind pressure high position feeding.
  • Inner part of net box is stainless steel.
  • Three stage enhancement for dispersant pipe can make dispersant more even.
  • Easy operation design.
  • Easy clean design.
  • Stainless steel net cage to enhance its durability and de-watering capability for high working speed.
  • Breath_type yankee cover to enhance the thermal efficiency, enhance paper dry degree.
  • Compound box pneumatic T type blade is and improvment technology to enhance the blade anti-vibration. So that the paper corrugulation can be more even and fine.
  • Horizontal winding machine brings big diameter of jumbo and easy operation.
  • Automatic and manual tensling device.
  • Pulse pneumatic automatic felt corrector.
  • Pneumatic vertical channel bottom roller.
  • Cardan joint connection for yankee and motor make it safe and quiet.
  • High-profile configuration, high speed, low cost.


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