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Special paper production: Special troops in paper industry

Date:2016-07-06 00:08 Author:leo Source:未知 Click: Font:BMS

Now tissue paper making machine and printing paper making machine market is facing a limit. Every one is seeking a bigger market. Special paper industry should be a trend. 

Compared with normal paper, special paper market have less impact by the electronic media, while many enterprises seeking to upgrade the paper transformation, specialty paper has become an important direction of development. Capital favored specialty paper factory, has brought inspiration to other paper enterprise who is seeking ways of survival.

In the future, the direction of paper industry development depends on new special technology, new material and new equipment. Most of enterprises have limit in R&D budget, hence adipted strategy of copy innovation. lack of originally innovation. It is difficult to maintain long-term stable performance.
In the future, the special paper industry is facing a huge space for development and market demand. Special paper manufacturing related equipment, core components, fiber materials, chemicals, will continue change from a single, simple, traditional forms to the multi-functional, diversified, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable direction.
In the future, more small and medium enterprises eager to use paper "special and specialized" approach, the ability to focus in the local areas, the scarcity of high value-added and niche products to win market, has become a vibrant "Paper special forces." Specialty paper companies will be more frequent and more closely with the Special Committee of the paper, professional institutions, research institutions and upstream and downstream enterprises, play groups advantages of division of labor, in order to further accelerate the market survey, the pace of research and development to improve product quality, and product development high starting point, quick, short cycle, scientific and technological achievements into productive forces into the "fast track", the efficiency will be higher. Production of the new era, learning and research collaboration is particularly important, more new features, high-tech specialty materials and specialty paper products through the "fast track" in front of us, we'll see.

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