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The impact for China when British leaves EU

Date:2016-06-29 21:32 Author:leo Source:未知 Click: Font:BMS

Britain leaves EU, the Eurozone economy is facing a major variable, this event is also affecting ill-prepared Chinese. There are optimistic opinions and also pessimistic ones, but for the Chinese paper packaging and printing industry, the influence can never be underestimated. For tissue paper machine production and tissue paper making machine exporting, there is not big influence. But for paper industry, many aspects should be notices.
Not to mention the impact for resisting US dollar dominance, internationalization of the RMB and China-EU strategic cooperation. It caused the depreciation of Euro and stronger dollar, influence for import and export of China is very large.
China faces pressure on the RMB exchange rate, the RMB exchange rate hit a low point of five years, it is expected next week may slightly reduce again. Since half of China's paper industry raw material for tissue paper production and printing paper making is imported, the raw material cost will be up, weakening corporate profitability.
Although a weaker Euro may benefit those import equipment for paper and pulp machine, such as tissue paper making machine, tissue jumbo roll making machine, but in recent years China Paper has overcapacity, import of equipment has been stopped, so the benefits of not large.
Europe is the largest high end printing and paper machine importing source for China, but since China has overcapacity problem, the benefit is small.
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