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What is difference between the fourdrinier paper machine and cylinder paper machine

Date:2016-06-27 08:43 Author:TDM Source:Production department Click: Font:BMS

The tissue paper production machine and toilet paper making machine is a united equipments, mainly composed by net, squezing and drying section. There are two kinds of net part, that is fourdrinier forming paper machine and cylinder mould paper machine, sometimes they are also called long net paper machine and round net paper machine. It is due to the structure of forming part.

Cylinder paper machine has a forming part of cylinder cage or net cage which is cylinder shaped. Felt goes on the cylinder and get pulp applied on it to form paper. Fourdrinier paper machine's forming part do not have cylinder forming, it is a long flat felt conveyor part to get pulp applied on it to form paper.

The rest section of paper machine are almost the same, there are one or more yankees in the drying section. It dries the pulp on the felt quickly to form dried paper, and then get released from the yankee and rolled.

Difference in final produts:

Cylinder paper machine is mostly used for producing tissue paper, towel paper, sometimes printing paper. Fourdrinier paper machine is used for making all kinds of paper and the paper will have much better physical performence. The performence includes horizontal strength and vertical strength ratio, extensive ratio, printing performence, etc. And fourdeinier paper machine has much faster production speed.

While the paper from fourdrinier paper machine has much better performence, but the cost for setting up this machine is much higher. It can reaches two to three times of cylinder paper machine, thus cylinder paper machine is mostly used for making tissue paper and towel paper, because normally these paper don't need very good physical performence.

We wish our answer have helped you to understand the difference between this two kinds of paper machines. And if you have any further question, or you are interested in setting up paper factory, please contact us by sending email to, we will reply you within one day!

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