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What product can your machines make?

Date:2015-06-11 16:16 Author:TDM Source:Marketing Click: Font:BMS

Our cylinder tissue paper machine, fourdrinier paper machine can make the following type of paper: tissue paper, towel paper, printing and writing paper, etc. Almost all kinds of paper.

Our machine can use virgin pulp and waste paper or mixed material. Such as old books, news paper, magzine. Some of our clients use offcut material from tissue converting lines. That is also very good raw materials. For books and magzines, the machines can deink and whiten it so that the quality and color will remain good.

Cylinder tissue paper machine or say cylinder forming paper machine is cheaper, slower. It is suitable for starting factory or who want to produce many types of paper at the same time. Fourdrinier paper machine or called long net paper machine is faster, higher cost. The advantage of this machine is big capacity and more widely range of paper weight.

If you have any more question of interest in purchasing paper machine, or if you want to consult turnkey projects, please contact for more information! We will reply you very soon.

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