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Paper production in England

Date:2016-07-07 22:14 Author:leo Source:未知 Click: Font:BMS

Paper is now one of the most important thing in daily life. Without paper, without book, letter, newspaper, magazine, we will go to the dark past, can you imagine life without tissue paper?
British Paper Industry Union says that British consumed over 9 million tons of paper, that is equal to load 40 huge ships. 4 million tons of it is produced locally, the rest is recycled from British or other countries. British it self produces tissue paper machine, and it also imports tissue jumbo making machine from China as starting option. Chinese tissue paper making machine is cheap.
Even though recycle paper is more and more popular now, British still cut down over half of wood. Every wood can only produce 10k to 20k pieces of paper. While disposal paper and napkin consumption demands to cut down 7 million trees every year, and one third of paper trash is just abandoned.
Every ton of paper that is recycled can save 3000 liters of water or electricity that is enough for a three room department. Besides, printing paper can be recycled for up to 6 times.
Recycling of paper is very mature now in China. We can produce tissue paper from recycled books, newspaper, magazines, etc. Tissue paper making machines with recycling paper can be get from TDM Machinery Co., Ltd.

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