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Vietnam paper production will have a boost in three years

Date:2016-07-09 21:18 Author:leo Source:未知 Click: Font:BMS

Vietnam paper association vice president Wu Yubao explains that, many big investment for paper production is on construction in Vietnam, the scale are up to hundreds thousand tons per years for each of these paper production projects. In three years, the total output of paper from Vietnam will reach up to 3 times of capacity nowadays.
Now Vietnam have about 500 small scale paper production enterprises, total capacity is about two million tons. The paper production machine is old with low efficiency; paper quality is neither good. However recently, foreign investors are setting up big factories with capacity over three hundred thousand tons. Chinese Jiulong investing 450,000 tons packing paper production line. Hongkong Liwen paper industry group investing total 630000 tons tissue paper making line and pulp making line. Taiwan Chenlong group is investing 1 billion USD for packing paper production line, the capacity will reach up to 450000 tons per year. Japanese is also investing a 1200000 tons per year paper production line.

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