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Sludge panel making Machine


Sludge panel making Machine

This machine can produce the different thickness dirty clay tablet, can substitute in the wooden and straw pulp density board in the present market, it is suitable for each kind of inside lining board of the packing box and craft products and each kind of stitch binding books and the outside wrapping and so on. This can definitely resolve the question of only put in not output in the paper making sludge treatment process successfully.
1、 This equipment’s operation craft is simple, the cost is low, the rate of return is high.
2,、The product doesn’t produce the harmful matter after the high temperature,、the high pressure、drying and forming process.
3、The product raw material ingredient 80% are the vegetable fiber, other are the talcum powder and the non-environmental damage's papermaking assistant. These materials can be decomposed effectively by the biology under the natural state and won’t be polluted again.
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