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How to choose tissue paper production line

Date:2016-12-05 19:50 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

To do toilet paper processing is a good venture investment projects, compared to toilet paper is an indispensable life in our daily necessities, that the manufacture of toilet paper equipment generally how much money? According to TDM industry sources, the production of toilet paper equipment is a general term, the production of toilet paper equipment mainly refers to the production of toilet rolls, toilet paper rewinder, band saw cutter and sealing bagging toilet paper sealing machine, for the manufacture of toilet paper equipment Prices mainly from these aspects:

The price of making toilet paper equipment depends on the size of the model

TDM production of toilet paper machine selling models are 1575, 1760, 2700 and other models, 1575 and 1760 toilet paper equipment, more suitable for the new plant, there are a number of manufacturers of toilet paper, the number of models, Specializes in the production of large manufacturers of toilet paper, will choose a larger model, such as 2700, 3500 and so on.

The cost of manufacturing toilet paper equipment depends on the function

In the manufacture of toilet paper equipment can also add some other functions, such as: automatic pumping shaft, automatic paper drop tube, embossing function, pressure profile feature, automatic shutdown function, etc., additional features buyers can according to their actual needs To add, add the different functions, the price is also different.

Manufacture of toilet paper equipment to the price of materials and processes

When it comes to material size and technology, the material good-looking, do not know the line can directly see the weight of the machine and the use of machine parts supplier size, technology is not to say, each factory has its own product processing technology and we each Individuals have their own technology, layman can only look at the appearance of the same kind of accessories, different processing costs are different, such as some need to splash modulation blasting process, each process is the need to spend money , The natural machine cost is high.

Manufacture of toilet paper equipment as long as it does not involve paper-making links, generally do not invest too much, the specific equipment can be based on their target investment to choose. Selection of toilet paper manufacturing equipment is best according to the actual situation to choose, according to their investment to select the equipment or to the appropriate factory to recommend equipment.

TDM toilet paper machinery and equipment combined with the current development needs of our customers, developed from the economic and practical, simple operation, high production efficiency, is your production of high-grade health rolls, improve the economic efficiency, it is the best choice for tissue paper production line.

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