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key points to produce good quality tissue paper with tissue paper machine

Date:2016-12-12 21:54 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

The tissue machine offers a wide variety of toilet paper for daily use, and toilet paper production technology is continually being improved to provide better and more practical tissue and napkin products.


When it comes to toilet paper and napkins, may be a lot of people usually buy when the most concern is the quality of toilet paper, and this quality is related to security, clean and many other factors. So how to use our tissue machine to produce more in line with our needs of toilet paper and napkins? From the machine production this, there are a number of matters to note:


First, is the use of toilet paper cleaning technology. In the selection of good quality raw materials, for the specific production of this one, the need for more stringent technical specifications. Tissue paper machine in improving the utilization of raw materials such as pulp, while still cleaner production this one into a lot of settings, making the production of paper towels more environmentally friendly, but also greatly improved the overall quality of paper towels, so that we can be more at ease The use of these products.


Second, is the strict control of the production process. With good technology, must be strictly in accordance with the relevant operational processes to carry out production activities, so as to make the machine advantage of the machine to maximize the play, but also to produce more in line with our quality standards for the use of toilet paper and napkins.

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