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Japanese jumbo roll making group got a loss in Chinese market

Date:2016-07-28 23:56 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

The Japanese company that lost 1 billion yuan in China market in 2015 have escaped while now appears in North American market oftenly.
It is reported by Japanese press that Japanese paper has acquired USA tycoon Weyerhaeuser’s paper container business. Japannese paper making machine and jumbo roll making machine is leading technology around the world, hence the acquiring is bringing large influence to the market.
In 2015 april 24th, Japanese second large paper group have released the copperation with Chinese second large paper group Liwen which have lasted for 5 years. In june, Japanese paper group finished its 12% stock sale and got a loss at 1 billion yuan.
While Chinese paper making machine and tissue jumbo roll making machine is much cheaper than Japanese ones, and the technology is almost the same, it is very easy to understand why they got a loss in Chinese market. It is advantage of using China jumbo roll making machine.

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