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House hold paper industry report: Channel structure determines profit space

Date:2016-07-12 20:28 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

Household paper demand is increasing stably, and high end product market potential is very huge. China has become the second household paper consumption market. In the future three years, the increasing speed should be 4% to 6% and total demand will ground to a hundred billion Dollar. Brand and quality priority is becoming consumption key points.
Tissue paper making machine and toilet paper making machine technology is very mature in China. The key point is product market positioning. If a brand produces high end product and sell with multi channels especially top internet channels, the development will be of the quickest.
However, producing tissue paper for starters is still complicate. Any small technical fault may influent the toilet paper quality badly. To know more information about tissue paper production line, please contact TDM.

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