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Jumbo roll making machine operator working in summer

Date:2016-07-29 22:22 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

Summer temperature peak is coming in China. Tissue paper making factories are supposed to run 24x7, the machine can not stop no matter how hot it is. So how are the jumbo roll making machine operators doing in the workshops?
They in their position and doing well. Here is a photo of our user factory's operator.

For days, the more welcomed this year's "high temperature hot spots". From the south to the north, most regions have more than 7 consecutive days in the hot weather, even in parts of the body temperature as high as 50 ℃, the involved in a population of about 700 million people or so.In such hot conditions, our paper business frontline staff is a what kind of work and life?Recently, we approached the shandong paper industry co., LTD., experience the mill line employees working environment. It is one of the biggest tissue paper making machine user factory. Below is a set of photos we snapped pictures at the scene of the work, both in the picture, or in the field, we are not difficult to see a hot hot summer line workers the most hard, but they didn't have any complaint remains dedicated to stand on his own post, keep the enthusiasm of working passion.We also see, shandong paper industry as the unit of choose and employ persons, everywhere manifests the humanities concern, for employees' health first, reasonable arrangement work time, has adopted various measures to strengthen risk control to ensure production run orderly.To fight in a line worker to bring cool and refreshing, in addition to the relevant measures from the head office, departments or units are also demonstrated some workshop manager, director, monitor spontaneous buy watermelon to distribute to all positions, some workshop equipped with chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed, rock sugar, salt, or arrange personnel to take turns to rest for operating jumbo roll making machine, it is quite human based management.

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