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Some experience of tissue paper machine production for China and Europe

Date:2016-09-11 20:19 Author:TDM Source:HR Click: Font:BMS

Europe tissue paper market grow rate is 3% per year. East Europe countries have more grow rate than others in Europe. And there are differences from countries by consuming habits. For example, North Europe countries consumes more towel paper, however in South countries such as Italy and Spain, they consume less. Soft and thick tissue paper is more preferred by Europe users.
1, Main catalogs of paper
Toilet paper, towel paper(hand towel and kitchen towel), tissue paper and napkin. Toilet paper and towel paper are the main products consumed. What is different from China is, home use amount is much less than those used in restaurant and snack bar. Napkin is even less, they are mainly used for skin cleaning while make up and mostly sold in pharmacy.
2, Towel paper usage range is much bigger than tissue paper
There are four reasons, a) towel paper is very common in public areas. b) It is also widely used as rag in restaurant and super market food area. c) The cooking habit in Europe also uses a lot of towel paper. It is very convenient to use towel to clean food, table and discs. d) towel paper is also often used as napkin because it is cheaper.
3, Recycle is more common
In Sweden, it is common that living tissue paper is made of recycled fiber, almost 50% of them, especially toilet paper. It is allowed in Europe to use recycled fiber for making living tissue paper. During the production, the temperature can be hundreds of Celsius Degree, so there is no more hygienic standard.
With these information, we can know that it is very good opportunity to produce recycles towel paper with our towel paper making machine which is also good to produce jumbo roll tissue paper.

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