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China paper recycling conference

Date:2016-10-04 11:10 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

On September 23, 2016, the first China Recycling Paper Industry Conference hosted by China Renewable Resources Recycling Association was held in Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which was the first nationwide industry conference focused on domestic waste paper recycling industry. NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, the State Ministry of Industry, the State Environmental Protection Department and other government departments in charge attended the meeting, from more than 180 units of nearly 300 representatives attended the meeting. Tissue paper machine manufacture also attended this conference as key technology support group.
The theme of this session is "to regulate and integrate, to build an orderly competitive market", focus on waste paper recycling industry norms and integration, sharing of innovative business model and corporate strategy, analysis of industrial policy focus, the key nodes in the industry conspiracy Development. The conference is divided into three parts: policy and order, strategy and model, information and capital. The paper analyzes the macroscopic policy and market environment faced by the paper recycling industry from the different angles of government, trade association and enterprise, as well as enterprise management and mode innovation And other specific issues, closely related to industry development and corporate change theme, for the delegates presented a blend of wisdom, ideas and ideas of the collision feast. TDM tissue paper machine have made a short speech regarding the China tissue paper machine manufacture develop trend.
The conference released the top 20 list and report of the recycled paper industry in China for the first time, which broke through the difficulty of collection of waste paper recycling enterprises and opaque industry problems. It provided important for the analysis of industry status, formulation of industrial policies and enterprise investment decisions. Of the data reference. In addition to this, the meeting also formed a consensus of the industry, issued the first paper recycling industry in China Convention on self-regulation, to the government and the community declared waste paper recycling enterprises self-regulation determination.If you are interested in tissue paper recycling machine, please contact us.

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