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Fine corrugated paper in Europe will rise by an average of 5.6% per year

Date:2016-10-17 21:59 Author:leo Source:未知 Click: Font:BMS

According to market analysts, in the next five years, the demand for fine corrugated paper in Europe will rise by an average of 5.6% per year, the total growth of micro-corrugated board will receive 7 billion square meters. On the characteristics of corrugated paper itself, in the case of the same weight, micro-corrugated cardboard compression performance than the average solid paper box. Corrugated paper and toilet paper production machinery and equipment preferred procurement from China.
According to its characteristics, according to different purposes can be different Leng-type combination of processing into a different packaging products for packaging of different weight, type, grade of products. The packaging of the compressive strength of a higher demand for users, the use of micro-tile packaging is an ideal choice. With fine corrugated cardboard liner instead of the traditional cushioning material, both environmentally friendly and can increase the compressive strength, is a very good buffer material. Chinese toilet paper paper making machinery and equipment is stable, environmental protection and high efficiency.
Now, many perfumes, cosmetics and other products are made with fine corrugated cardboard liner, both to improve the compressive strength of packaging, but also to enhance the quality of the packaging. Many digital and small household electrical appliances are lined with fine corrugated cardboard to replace the traditional EPE, EPS and other cushioning materials. As a result of micro-corrugated molding, combined with the selection of high-strength corrugated paper, so the cost is lower and more environmentally friendly.
In a sense, corrugated products easy to recycling, is an ideal "green packaging" materials. In the past, the traditional corrugated cardboard corrugated cardboard can only be printed on the intaglio printing can not be directly as a photo-like high-definition patterns, due to compression deformation will destroy the strength of cardboard, greatly affect the accuracy and stability of printing, Resulting in board deviation, uneven thickness, affecting the synchronization speed printing, resulting in blurred patterns, resulting in a great deal of unnecessary waste.
The micro-corrugated cardboard can be printed directly on the offset, both access to fine patterns, but will not make corrugated paper printing deformation, reduce or destroy the strength of cardboard. Offset printing directly to the way the micro-corrugated packaging and printing more beautiful, highly display, advertising, and greatly improved the level of packaging. Therefore, more and more industries began to use micro-corrugated packaging as a sales package, in addition to the traditional food, toys, home appliances and other industries, such as handicrafts, medicine and health care products and many other gift packaging industry have begun to use micro-corrugated package. If you need corrugated paper and toilet paper production machinery and equipment, please contact us.
In addition, the micro-corrugated board exquisite printing effect makes it a poster-style display of corrugated cardboard display and other display packaging a better choice. In foreign countries, due to high precision die-cutting machinery and equipment in the production of poster-style corrugated board display stand, has a large number of applications C Leng, N Leng, F flute and other fine cardboard to replace the traditional PVC sheet to the poster type corrugated board display weight Lighter, lower cost, not only easy to transport, and easy to recycle. There are many types of toilet paper machinery. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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