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American revised the recycle paper classification standard

Date:2016-11-21 22:24 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

In the early summer of 2016, the Waste Recycling Council of the American Waste Recycling Industry Association revised the waste paper classification standard, the first major revision of the waste paper classification standard in the past decades. In order to keep the Chinese waste paper market informed of this important information, Mr. Leonard Zeid, Director of Waste Paper Industry of the US Recycling Industry Association, and Mr. Myles Cohen, Chairman of the Waste Recycling Branch of the American Waste Recycling Industry Association, made a special presentation in China Papermaking Paper "China Paper" magazine, the author of the classification of waste paper classification of the main changes were introduced.
    In the early summer of 2016, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) Paper Stock Industries Chapter (PSI) announced major changes in the revised classification criteria for waste paper, in order to better Reflecting the changes in the global waste paper market today. This revision marks the first major update of the waste paper classification standard over the past decades. The new amendments include the addition of 58 # sorted clean waste paper (SCN), 56 # sorted residential waste paper (SRP), 54 # mixed waste paper (MP), the revised content in June 2016 Effective. In addition, 6 #, 7 # and 8 # waste paper, as well as 1 #, 2 # and 3 # mixed waste paper from July 1, 2017 onwards is no longer used to allow the existing types of waste paper related to the transaction contract corresponding (For details, please refer to "Papermaking Information" in Issue 11 of 2016 and the forthcoming issue of "China Paper", Issue 11, 2016).
    China to import US waste as raw materials, paper mills, waste paper importers, traders and other units, such as the content of this standard changes have puzzled, China Paper Magazine is willing to give your questions back to the US Waste Recycling Industry Association Waste Paper Recycling Branch.

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