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China green union have made “one-peel”card box

Date:2016-07-14 20:57 Author:leo Source:未知 Click: Font:BMS

Normally, when we receive express paper box, it is hard to open it without a knife because of the adhesive tape.
While Chinese green union have invented easy open box. It is just like a zipper. The top of this card box have no adhesive tape but just a zipper sealed seam. This looks very simple, but it is made with four layer combined material.
This paper box is also very strong. When it is thrown from 13 floor, it is still in one piece. It is strong enough to be recycled for many times. Normal paper is recycled for only twice.
It is very important to produce paper with environment friendly technology. TDM is professional tissue paper production line and card box paper production line provider, If you want to know more information, please leave message.

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