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China International Industrial Machinery Hand Exhibition 2016

Date:2016-07-13 22:18 Author:TDM Source:Production department Click: Font:BMS

As only national sponsored exhibition with participators from all over the world, this Exhibition is famous for its clear-cut theme, outstanding features, drive for results and innovation. It has gained rising reputation and influence. Insiders take it the best platform to get industry information, market trend and show the enterprise.
Exhibition range: Industrial manipulator: injection molding machine manipulator, carrying manipulator, assembly robots, machine tools, metallurgy mechanical manipulator, packaging manipulator, dispensing robots, welding manipulator, intelligent robot, vacuum handling manipulator, pneumatic booster manipulator, automatic up-down material manipulator, vertical spiral arm manipulator, horizontal spiral arm manipulator, medium-sized, horizontal automatic logistics conveyor line, etc.; All kinds of non-standard mechanical: hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and mechanical manipulator, etc; Manipulator control system: ac servo motor, sensor, controller, control software, etc. Mechanical fittings and equipment: shuikou jig and fixture, embrace, vacuum suction cups, oil cylinder, cylinder, hydraulic shock absorber, mechanical metal frame, metal, etc.; Automatic assembly equipment, automatic machine, assembly work station, tighten equipment, automatic screw fastening systems, seal and o-ring installed equipment, pulse magnetic equipment, press, riveting equipment tighten tools, assembly workstations, automatic counting device, automatic n assembly test systems and equipment;

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