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Recycle waste paper to produce tissue jumbo?

Date:2016-07-13 21:32 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

With the development of the society, every country is paying more attention on recycling paper. Recycling one ton of waste paper can produce over 800 kg new paper, saving 17 huge trees, save 3 cubic meters’ trash filling space, use 240kg less NaOH, reduce 75% pollution and saves 40% to 50% energy. What’s more, all the paper can be recycled twice.
Nowadays, Chinese throw away 6 million tons of waste paper per year, it is equally wasting 200000 hectares of forest. The good aspect is that most of small scale tissue paper making machine is designed to use waste paper now. Tissue jumbo making machine for small markets are also designed with waste paper as raw material.
Recycling paper is very important as renewable resource. Using recycling paper as raw material can realize resource-production-consumption-renew forming a good circle.
Compared with making pulp, using waste paper is easier and cheaper. If you need waste paper recycling tissue jumbo making machine, please contact TDM.

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