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20 ton per day 2700 cylinder forming tissue paper making machine


Flow chart:
Raw material: waste paper(book, newspaper, etc)=> 8M3 hydraulic pulper 2 set =>11kw pulp pump 2 set
=>32type de-sander=>1#40M3high position pulp pool=>1.8M2vibration screen2 set =>2#60m³ pulp pool=>22kw SHwater pump*1=>0.8㎡up-flow pressure screen  odd pulp   1.8㎡vib screen=>three phase de-inking( pulp pump 11kw*2)discharge dreg=>3#60m3 pulp pool=>11kw pulp pump=>15㎡cylinder concentrating machine=>1#2#40m³ washing pool  =>pulp pump 11kw*2=>30kw de-flaker=>¢450 double disc refiner1 set=>4#60m³ pulp pool =>pulp pump  7.5kw*1=>5#60m³ matched pulp pool=>pulp pump 7.5kw*1=>6#7#60m³ pool before paper mill=>pulp pump 5.5kw*2=>matching box=>flush pulp pool=>flush pulp pump 22kw*1=>high position box=>2700 tissue mill
  • Workshop size: 1500m2 or more
  • Daily output: 20 ton per day
  • Capacity calculation: ration weight (16g/sq.m)
  • Speed: (120~180m/min),
  • Efficiency: (98%),
  • Crimple rate: (95%)


Napkin tissue and pocket tissue: 13-16g/m2
Toilet tissue 16-24g/m2
Towel paper 24-38g/m2

Production line composition:
l   Stock preparation production line: which is used to convert sorted wasted paper into liquid refined pulp;
l   Tissue making machine: which is used to convert liquid refined pulp into jumbo tissue rolls.
l   Auxiliary parts: which are necessary parts for the complete production line.


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