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20T jumbo roll making machine with fourdrinier wire forming machine



Capacity calculation: ration weight (16g/sq.m), speed (160m/min), efficiency (98%), crimple rate (95%), a working day (22.5 hours)
The maximum jumbo roll width is 2800mm
The weight scope is 13-38g/m2
The towel production capacity can be 20 tons per day per machine
Maximum jumbo roll diameter is 1500mm
Minimum weight of jumbo roll is 1000kg
One set of 20 TPD Stock preparation system
One set of 2800 long net tissue making machine. The capacity is 20 TPD each.

Supply range:
20TPD Stock preparation line
2800 long net tissue paper making machine
Two years spare parts for stock preparing system and 2800 long net tissue making machine
Auxiliary equipment
Vessel type air floating water treatment system
10t/h steam boiler (with natural gas)
Power cables and water pipes and steam pipes
Chemicals for test run

No. Name Spec. Qty Remarks
1 高浓水力碎浆机
High density hydraulic pulper
8M3 2 With controller box
2 高浓除砂器
High density degregger
ZCSG31 1  
3 振框筛
Vibration screen
3M2 1      配带电机
With motor
4 振筐筛
Vibration screen
1.8M2 1 配带电机
With motor
5 溶气式脱墨机
Air float deinking machine
DYC1 2  
6 除砂器
Dedreging machine
400 9  
7 内流式压力筛
In-flow pressure screen
0.8 M2 1 配带电机
With motor
8 高速洗浆机
High speed pulp washing machine
DNT2 1 配带电机
With motor
9 圆网浓缩机
Round net condensor
15M2 1 配带电机
With motor
10 双圆盘磨浆机
Double disc pulp grinding machine
Ø450 2 配带电机及电控柜   
With motor and control box  
11 网前双鼓筛
Double drum screen
0.8 M2 1      配带电机
With motor
12 双吸泵
Double suck pump
37kw 1      Q=560M3,H=12-15M
13 SH水泵
SH water pump
37KW 1 Q=150M3,H=30M
14 浆泵
11KW 9 Q=100M3,H=30M
15 浆泵
15KW 3 Q=150M3,H=20M
16 浆泵
7.5KW 3 Q=80M3,H=12M
17 污水泵
Sewage pump
4KW 1 Q=28M3,H=30M
18 浆泵
18.5KW 2 Q=150M3,H=20M
19 二段除砂泵
Second phase dedregger
4kw 1  
20 浆池推进器
Pulp tank impeller
Ø750 14 配带电机
With motor
21 稳浆箱
Pulp stabilizing box
  1 3槽不锈钢
Stainless steel
22 真空泵
Vacuum pump
ZBK-17 1 配带电机
With motor
23 空气压缩机
Air compressor
11KW 1 配带电机
With motor
24 高压清水泵
High pressure clean water pump
15KW 1 Q=15M3,H=150M
Sub-total for pulp making system
2800mm long net paper machine
2800 1 配带电机及变频器
With motor and frequency controller


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