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Staple exercise book machine


Steel staple flexible printing linkwork exercise book production line
General introduction:
This exercise book making machine adopts micro computer control, photoelectric tracking, graphic user interface, water soluble ink flexible printing, and other advanced technology. This linkwork production line working process is: paper roll – high speed flexible printing – single paper cutting – page layering- cover matching- steel staple – folding – flat back – edge cutting – dividing – packing, etc. It is the best performance in book production industry.
Machine section
No. Section
1 Un-roll
2 Printing
3 Cutting
4 Page counting
5 Transporting
6 Conveyer
7 Stapling
8 Folding
9 Flat back
10 Cutting
11 collecting
12 Main power box
13 Main control box

Parameter in production
Un-roll Max paper roll diameter 1200mm
Roller width 580 – 1020mm
Paper thickness 45-180g/㎡
Paper roll core diameter 3 inch
Printing Repeat printing length 300-760mm
Max. printing width 1020mm
Max. printing speed 250m/min
Cutting Cutting dimension 300 – 670mm
Counting Counting range 5 – 50 pc (10 – 100 pcs after folding)
Cover Cover paper thickness 80g – 400g
Max cover dimension 800 * 880mm
Min cover dimension 130*880mm
Staple Max. length 1020mm
Min. length 120mm
Max. thickness 8mm
Horizontal cutting Max. length 1020mm
Vertical cutting Max. width 300mm
  Max. convey speed 250m/min
  Max. unit book output 50 unit/min
  Main motor power 30kw
  Total power 37kw
  Machine dimension 20400*3250*2500 LWH
  Machine weight 17 ton

Supply range:
Price includes:
1, Machine supply
2, All important parts are from best suppliers such as FAG, Hohner, EASE, NSK, SOMGS, UNTRT, OMRON, Schneider, etc.
3, Maintenance tool kit
4, Spare parts


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